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Oct 2017


I refer to your email regarding Mr Anil Mittal .

Just as a background information I would like to inform you that one of my care homes was rated inadequate by CQC.

I appointed a firm of Consultants to assist me to become compliant for the next inspection which took place about six months later from the first one . This particular firm charged me a substantial amount of fees ( an arm & a leg)Unfortunately, the second inspection report was worst than the first one. I immediately terminated their contract .

I then carried out a search on Internet looking for another Consultant . I came across Mr Mittal . I ascertained from him that 

at some stage he was a CQC inspector and was also a care home owner . However, he has given up both roles and he is now working as a care consultant . I had a long chat with him before appointing him as our care consultant sometime in May /June 2016.

In my opinion he appeared very conversant with the care home Acts 2008 regulations .

The fact that Mr Mittal has been on both sides of the counter he has a very profound knowledge as to how to tackle and resolve any non compliance issues , and ensures that the same mistakes are not repeated so long his advice and guidance are adhered to correctly .

I have worked with him for over a year now and I am still keeping him as our external auditor to guide us and to see our services from a regulator's point of view.

The outcome of his input has been very beneficial, to such an extend that the home in question has now achieved an overall rating of requires improvement from inadequate . Please feel free to check our report on CQC website for Avon Lodge,  Enfield London

Learning my lesson from the above home , I then took proactive measures to appoint him to check our second home prior to all Authorities visit . Luckily , this paid off and the following inspection carried out by CQC gave us six green report ie Good . You may check our report again on CQC website ;The name is Camden Lodge.

So far, Mr Mittal input has been very positive and cost effective. Consequently, we have retained his services to keep monitoring our performance on an ongoing basis.In addition Mr Mittal is continuously guiding us , how we can provide the best care to our residents in a safe , comfortably and enjoyable environment with a view to achieve an outstanding rating at some stage .

Finally ,it is for you to decide whether you would like to appoint him or not .However, please feel free to contact me if you need any further clarification .

Yours Sincerely 

M.Raj Gunputh



16th June 2017

To whom it may concern

I am writing regarding MIT Consultancy

MIT Consultancy was employed by Speke Care Home in 2015 as the home was in a critical position and on the verge of closure and could see no way forward for the future

The care home was non-compliant with CQC Fire regulations Infection control and Enviromental health

MIT Consultancy headed by MR Anil Mittal made significant changes to the care home within the first six weeks this was reflected in CQC report.

At the time of MIT being in the care home I was put in position of acting manager I gained valuable knowledgeof the care system through Mr Mittal’s professionalism knowledge and vast experience

Mr Mittal changed Speke Care Home for the better introducing all relevant documents Quality Assurances and also the moral of the staff

Mr Mittal advised on all aspects of improving the home and this again reflected on various inspections from the Fire service,Enviromental Health and infection control which the home gained compliance with all of the above

Mr Mittal introduced new systems and measures on how we rate ourselves and improvements that need to be made quality assurance audits safeguarding  

Mr Mittal turned the care home around in all aspects without his valuable knowledge and time and dedication he put into Speke Care Home I have no doubt the care home would not have survived

Also the support Mr Mittal has given me as manger has been invaluable I have grown in confidence and knowledge and believe if it was not for Mr Mittal I would not be in the position I am now.

I would like to sincerely thank Mr Mittal for his support and dedication to Speke Care Home he has been an asset to our care home and would highly recommend Mr Mittal to any company requiring a consultant

Yours Sincerely

Sheila Cousins (home manager)

I continue to use him to audit yearly all my business and therefore reduce any further issues.

I would strongly recommend him to any business who is or are having problems within the care industry.

- Akshay Barkot - Seva Healthcare

Anil has provided external quality auditing of our care homes; he is a highly professional, knowledgeable and personable consultant, whose audit and advice has enhanced the care delivery at Hallmark Care Homes throughout the last three years.

- Hallmark Care Homes

We are extremely grateful to MIT consultancy for helping us through difficulties that we were having in meeting requirements, and helping the new manager through the ‘fit persons interview’.

- Care Home - Northwest

Thanks for all your help and support that you have given us through this difficult time.

- A care home proprietor in Dorset

We were concerned that our rating of ‘adequate’ would have a detrimental effect on the expansion of our business. We have always wanted to provide the best care possible. However due to our poor documentation and understanding of the care planning process, we received a less than satisfactory rating.

Anil changed the way we viewed care planning and the way we documented the care being provided. Two months later CQC were delighted with the changes that had been made and we were given a two star rating.

We have enjoyed a long standing relationship with MIT Consultancy and have found the service offered to us to be a thoroughly professional service with friendly and helpful advice. We are pleased to say that MIT have consistently provided us with excellent solutions to any queries or difficult situations that we have encountered in the care industry. This has ensured and resulted in the improvements consistently required to ensure our care services exceed the National Minimum Standards and reassure the CQC.

The financial health check was also a most useful exercising and highlighted a number of areas where we could improve our business.

Not only was considerable effort put into recognising the areas requiring improvements, through the bespoke audit of the care homes that was undertaken, but also the level of follow up service was of the highest standard.

MIT Consultancy will certainly be our first and wherever possible only choice for independent advice relating to the care industry, and I have no problem whatsoever in recommending your services to other organisations.

- Care Home Owner - South Coast